Mirai Energy
The Mirai Energy Group has launched the initiative to be the largest drivers of a successful, renewably fuelled economy into a pre-financed, warrantied and entirely scale-able package specifically engineered for Africa but can also be suitable for countries with a similar terrain. The generation of electricity, production of fuel oil, and abundance of drinking water provides for a stable foundation for growth.
Solar Panels
Water Treatment
Hydrogen plants
Recycled Materials

Our Services

Operational Leadership


Chief Executive Officer
Hafiz is the joint founder of Mirai Energy Group. Hafiz has 19 years of rich experience in Telecom’s sector mostly covering the EMEA region and specializes in sales, finance, and strategy. He has managed multiple countries with a P&L responsibility of $100mil+.


Chief Technology Officer
Ken is a co-founder and a hydrogen technology specialist of Mirai Energy Group, where he assesses and applies technologies to best suit the demands of the customers in their specific regions.  Mr. Polk has designed energy, logistics, and communications systems used all over the world in the most harsh and demanding environments.

F.I.Ex Adriaan Vickery

Senior Business Advisor
Andriaan is a business manager and recipient of the Queen’s award for business excellence.  His depth of knowledge and experience provides guidance and counsel for the Mirai Energy Group.

Technical Experts

ENG. Robin McGill

Chief Operations Officer
Mr. McGill is the senior automation engineer/developer for Mirai Energy Group. He is an arithmetician and physicist having worked for DARPA in critical development of protective practices for networks.

Dr. David DeVillers

Nuclear & Environmental specialist
Dr. DeVillers is the owner of Scirad Consulting which is the inspection arm for the IAEA in MENA and is a senior contributor to Mirai Energy Group in matters of environmental and nuclear safety.  A nuclear physicist specializing in Natural Occurring Radioactive Materials, his contributions are unmatched in our team.

Martin Aked

Logistic specialist
Martin is a logistical expert functioning as the primary expediter in solving shipping and assembly related issues for the Mirai Energy Group.

Ghazi Alduweilah

Middle East Relationship Officer
Senior Middle East & Africa Advisor and is also our solution ambassador. Ghazi is our Regional representative with over two decades of experience working with governments at the highest level.

Maged Algalaly

Middle East Legal Advisor
Maged is our legal advisor for our Middle East Affairs who has an abundance of experience dealing with the legal aspects of energy projects with governments in the region.